This prop can be passed to both
  • VOnboardingWrapper
  • VOnboardingStep
You can override VOnboardingWrapper's options by passing options to VOnboardingStep

Default value

  popper: {},
  overlay: {
    enabled: true,
    padding: 0,
    borderRadius: 0,
    preventOverlayInteraction: true
  scrollToStep: {
    enabled: true,
    options: {
      behavior: 'smooth',
      block: 'center',
      inline: 'center'
  autoFinishByExit: true,
  hideButtons: {
    previous: false,
    next: false,
    exit: false
  labels: {
    previousButton: 'Previous',
    nextButton: 'Next',
    finishButton: 'Finish'
  hideNextStepDuringHook: false

Name Type Default
popper PopperJS options {}
overlay.enabled Boolean true
overlay.padding Number { top: 0, right: 0, bottom: 0, left: 0 } 0
overlay.borderRadius Number { leftTop: 0, rightTop: 0, rightBottom: 0, leftBottom: 0 } 0
overlay.preventOverlayInteraction Boolean true
scrollToStep.enabled Boolean true
scrollToStep.options Scroll Into View Options { behavior: 'smooth', block: 'center', inline: 'center' }
autoFinishByExit Boolean true (Close overlay when click exit Button)
hideButtons Hide the previous, next or exit Button
hideButtons.previous Boolean false
hideButtons.next Boolean false
hideButtons.exit Boolean false
labels.previousButton String Previous
labels.nextButton String Next
labels.finishButton String Finish
hideNextStepDuringHook Boolean false